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EQImindset provides Consulting to organizations based on the perspective that Equity and Inclusion is a Mindset that needs to be cultivated at various levels of an organization in order to maximize engagement of the organization’s diverse workforce.

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Specialized in science-backed consulting through an Inclusion lens, we help STEM leaders bridge the gap between business strategy and business results focusing on Employee Resource Groups (ERG) and People Leaders.
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Employee Resource Groups — The People Strategy

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are groups that are formed within organizations that serve specific minority and/or underserved groups. Although the most common are the gender and ethnic groups and stems from the origin of ERGs (Race and…
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Setting your ERG up for Success: Developing the LEADER

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are usually led by individuals who have a passion for advocacy. Depending on what the group represents (ethnic minorities, disabilities, process support, business resource, etc.), the individual leaders of the ERGs…

Employee Resource Groups -Starting Right

Employee Resource Groups are on the Increase and can be a great asset to organizations — If deployed and operated right. A lot of organizations are focused on starting an ERG this season and they can be…


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